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Tandem Synthesis of 3‑Chloro-4-iodoisoxazoles from 1‑Copper(I) Alkynes, Dichloroformaldoxime, and Molecular Iodine

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posted on 20.02.2015, 00:00 by Wenwen Chen, Jianlan Zhang, Bo Wang, Zhouxing Zhao, Xinyan Wang, Yuefei Hu
A tandem synthesis for structurally novel 3-chloro-4-iodoisoxazoles was developed by simply mixing 1-copper­(I) alkynes, dichloro­formaldoxime, and molecular iodine together. The combination of 1-copper­(I) alkyne and molecular iodine was well used as a synthetic equivalent of 1-iodoalkyne without the need for tedious preparation, purification, and storage of 1-iodoalkyne.