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Table S2 from Is there a trade-off between peak performance and performance breadth across temperatures for aerobic scope in teleost fishes?

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posted on 2016-09-21, 13:20 authored by Julie J. H. Nati, Jan Lindström, Lewis G. Halsey, Shaun S. Killen
Summary of the phylogenetic least squares regression model testing for the effects of thermal performance breadth for aerobic scope (80 % of Pmax), optimal temperature (Topt), body mass (log g) and lifestyle (benthic, benthopelagic, or pelagic) on maximum aerobic scope (Pmax; log mg O2 h-1). For lifestyle categorisation, the reference category is ‘benthic’. This analysis only used studies in which fish were acclimated to each experimental temperature. r2 = 0.94, F5, 13= 40.76, p<0.001, n= 20 species, λ=0.659.


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