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[CAD] TJOE_Teia_2021_Circular_Group_Calculator_FINAL_Model.FCStd [TJOE / Luis Teia 2021]

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posted on 2021-09-09, 14:43 authored by Luis TeiaLuis Teia

The following file is the final 3D model (in FreeCAD Version 0.18) of a novel calculator design published in The Journal of Open Engineering / Luis Teia 2021 -->>

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A promotional video providing an insight into this new calculator technology is available here -->>


Next generation calculators need to be efficient in all its design aspects. Current advanced computation calculators lack an efficient human-machine interface, with its unchanged traditional design traced back to the early 1960’s electro-mechanical commercialized solutions. The present article highlights how the perceived safety of “designing by tradition” can actually prevent evolution, and proposes - in a logical and argumentative way - a new layout based on the circular group approach, which derives from various already successful and working systems operating in society. Numerical comparison of the time spent in computing between the classical matrix calculator layout and the new circular group approach have shown that substantial time-saving can be achieved, in addition to the calculation acceleration effect imparted by aligning the highly organized calculator design with the intuitive nature of the mind of the user. Ultimately, the importance of such an advancement is appreciated when considering the compounding time-saving effect on the millions of users that will spend hours operating calculators in the years to come.


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