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Synthesis of Substituted Isoquinolines by Electrophilic Cyclization of Iminoalkynes

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posted on 2002-04-24, 00:00 authored by Qinhua Huang, Jack A. Hunter, Richard C. Larock
The tert-butylimines of o-(1-alkynyl)benzaldehydes and analogous pyridinecarbaldehydes have been cyclized under very mild reaction conditions in the presence of I2, ICl, PhSeCl, PhSCl, and p-O2NC6H4SCl to give the corresponding halogen-, selenium-, and sulfur-containing disubstituted isoquinolines and naphthyridines, respectively. This methodology accommodates a variety of iminoalkynes and affords the anticipated heterocycles in moderate to excellent yields. Monosubstituted isoquinolines and naphthyridines have been synthesized by the metal-catalyzed ring closure of these same iminoalkynes. The silver-catalyzed ring closure is highly effective in cyclizing aryl-, alkenyl-, and alkyl-substituted iminoalkynes at 50 °C.