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Synthesis and Optical Properties of Thiazolo-Chlorin and Porphyrin Skeletons

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posted on 24.09.2021, 18:40 by Takeo Nakano, Hiroaki Imoto, Kensuke Naka
Macrocyclic π-skeletons containing a thiazole moiety were synthesized via MacDonald [3 + 1]-type condensation. The construction of thiazolochlorin 1a and thiazoloporphyrin 1b depended on the conformation of the thiazole moieties, and their 18π-systems expanded along the molecular y and x axes, respectively. In particular, the structure of thiazolochlorin 1a was studied in detail using 2D nuclear magnetic resonance methods. The optical properties in solution were measured and discussed based on both experimental data and computational studies.