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Synthesis and Mechanism Studies of a High-Nuclear Mn72W48 Cluster

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posted on 31.08.2020, 17:34 by Mengrui Zhang, Bin Liu, Hongduan Zhang, Chao Zhang, Jingping Wang, Jingyang Niu
A high-nuclear Mn72W48 cluster has been successfully synthesized by employing acetate coordinated Mn12 and Na2WO4 as starting materials. To investigate the synthesis mechanism, a series of synthesis experiments and high-resolution ESI-MS tests were designed and conducted. These experimental results demonstrate that inorganic tungstates exhibit better coordination capacity and variability than organic acetates in Mn12. Furthermore, a series of low nuclearity Mn clusters and Mn–W species were successfully detected and a possible synthesis mechanism of Mn72W48 was proposed. These results show that inorganic tungstate ligands have a great potential to construct high-nuclear transition-metal-oxo clusters by forming various intermediates.