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Synchrotron X-ray, Photoluminescence, and Quantum Chemistry Studies of Bismuth-Embedded Dehydrated Zeolite Y

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posted on 15.02.2012, 00:00 by Hong-Tao Sun, Yoshitaka Matsushita, Yoshio Sakka, Naoto Shirahata, Masahiko Tanaka, Yoshio Katsuya, Hong Gao, Keisuke Kobayashi
For the first time, direct experimental evidence of the formation of monovalent Bi (i.e., Bi+) in zeolite Y is provided based on the analysis of high-resolution synchrotron powder X-ray diffraction data. Photoluminescence results as well as quantum chemistry calculations suggest that the substructures of Bi+ in the sodalite cages contribute to the ultrabroad near-infrared emission. These results not only enrich the well-established spectrum of optically active zeolites and deepen the understanding of bismuth related photophysical behaviors, but also may raise new possibilities for the design and synthesis of novel hybrid nanoporous photonic materials activated by other heavier p-block elements.