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Surfactin isoforms isolated from a mushroom derived Bacillus halotolerans DMG-7-2

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posted on 02.06.2021, 09:20 authored by Guo-Feng Zhou, Lin Yang, Shu-Hua Zhang, Yi Wang, Yu Yang, Rui Xu, Xue Zhao, Dan Nie, Junjie Shan, Cheng-Bin Cui, Chang-Wei Li

A new iso-C14 [Val2, Val7] surfactin isoform (1) together with eight known ones (29), was isolated from the culture of a mushroom derived bacterium, Bacillus halotolerans DMG-7-2. The structures of them were mainly elucidated by NMR and MS data, and the NMR data of 5 also was reported for the first time. The absolute configuration of 1 was determined by Marfey’s analysis (for amino acid residues) and the 13C NMR calculation of the two plausible epimers of 1 (for fatty acid). Compounds 19 showed moderate cytotoxicity against two human cancer cell lines (A549, MCF-7) and mice microglial BV2 cells, the IC50 values ranged from 8.91 to 33.00 µM, and the IC50 values of the positive control 5-FU were 99.94, 71.49 and 0.12 µM, respectively.