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Surface Lattice Resonances in Plasmonic Arrays of Asymmetric Disc Dimers

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posted on 04.03.2016, 00:00 by Alastair D. Humphrey, Nina Meinzer, Timothy A. Starkey, William L. Barnes
We study regular wavelength scale arrays of metallic dimers. By employing dimers made up of two different sized discs, we are able to couple to array-based collective surface lattice resonances of both bright and dark, that is symmetric and antisymmetric, dimer modes and to show that the degree of asymmetry can be used to control the relative strength of the two surface-lattice modes. The collective nature of these excitations can even lead to an antisymmetric surface-lattice resonance that is stronger than the symmetric one; this is in stark contrast to the dark and bright nature of the underlying modes of the individual dimers. We verify these experimental findings, derived from extinction measurements, by comparison with both analytical and numerical modeling.