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Structurally Characterized Neutral Monoalkyl and -aryl Complexes of Manganese(II)

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posted on 15.03.2004, 00:00 by Jianfang Chai, Hongping Zhu, Hongjun Fan, Herbert W. Roesky, Jörg Magull
The synthesis and X-ray crystal structures of the monomethyl and -phenyl manganese complexes [LMn(μ-Me)]2 (2) and LMnPh (3) (L = HC(CMeNAr)2, Ar = 2,6-iPr2C6H3) are reported. These complexes represent the first structurally characterized neutral dimeric manganese(II) monoalkyl complexes and monomeric manganese(II) monoaryl complexes. Furthermore, compound 3 shows an interesting coplanar arrangement of the phenyl group and the chelating ligand.