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Solubilities of Ammonia in Polyethylene Glycols at 298.2–353.2 K and 0–200 kPa

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posted on 17.12.2019, 20:38 authored by Jian-Bo Zhang, Kuan Huang
Polyethylene glycols (PEGs) are potential solvents for NH3 capture, considering that they have abundant hydroxyl groups, which can form hydrogen-bond interaction with NH3. To this end, the solubilities of NH3 in PEGs with average molecular weights of 100–600 g·mol–1 were measured at 298.2–353.2 K and 0–200 kPa in the present work. It is found that the solubilities of NH3 increase linearly with the increase of pressures, but decrease with the increase of temperatures. In addition, the solubilities of NH3 show negative dependence on the molecular weights of PEGs, because PEGs with higher molecular weights exhibit lower hydroxyl densities. The Henry’s constants and enthalpy changes for NH3 absorption in PEGs were also calculated based on the variations of NH3 solubilities with pressures and temperatures. Furthermore, the physical properties of PEGs that are essential for NH3 absorption such as densities and surface tensions were also measured at 293.2–353.2 K in the present work.