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Site-Selective Acylations of α- and β‑Hydroxyamides in Complex Molecules: Application of Template-Driven Acylation to Disaccharides and a Glycopeptide

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posted on 18.03.2021, 16:37 authored by Yasuhiro Nishikawa, Shione Toda, Takami Matsui, Hanae Takada, Kohei Takemoto, Osamu Hara
Site-selective acylations of α-and β-hydroxyamides in complex polyols are described. The combination of a pyridine aldoxime ester and Zn­(OTf)2 facilitates the acylation of two types of N-glycolyl disaccharides, namely, Gal-GlcNGc and Neu5Gc-Gal, both of which are partial structures of polysaccharides responsible for biological actions, with highly site-selective modifications achieved. Furthermore, biotinylation, one of the most important techniques in chemical biology, is used to site-selectively acylate the β-hydroxyl group in a glycopeptide.