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Simultaneous Delivery of antimiR-21 and Doxorubicin by Graphene Oxide for Reducing Toxicity in Cancer Therapy

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posted on 2020-06-08, 17:08 authored by Zhaoqi Yang, Dutao Yang, Kai Zeng, Dangran Li, Lan Qin, Yanfei Cai, Jian Jin
Graphene oxide (GO) has been studied by many researchers for its potential drug-delivery value. In order to reduce the side effects of anticancer drugs by decreasing the dosage and maintain the therapeutic effects, a dual drug-delivery system that used GO as a carrier and simultaneously loaded with antitumor drugs and antimir-21 was rationally designed for the cooperative treatment of tumors. Results obtained from our studies have found that MDA-MB-231 cells were inhibited in low Dox dose. The outcomes of confocal microscopy indicated that Dox and antimiR-21 could be released rapidly in cancer cells, which is good for killing cancer cells. In addition, qRT-PCR further demonstrated that miR-21 was silenced by antimiR-21. Consequently, GO has a great potential to codeliver chemotherapeutic drugs and gene drugs in cancer combination therapy for reducing toxicity.