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Simulating the Nanomechanical Response of Cyclooctatetraene Molecules on a Graphene Device

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posted on 31.01.2019, 00:00 authored by Sehoon Oh, Michael F. Crommie, Marvin L. Cohen
We investigate the atomic and electronic structures of cyclooctatetraene (COT) molecules on graphene and analyze their dependence on external gate voltage using first-principles calculations. The external gate voltage is simulated by adding or removing electrons using density functional theory calculations. This allows us to investigate how changes in carrier density modify the molecular shape, orientation, adsorption site, diffusion barrier, and diffusion path. For increased hole doping, COT molecules gradually change their shape to a more flattened conformation and the distance between the molecules and graphene increases while the diffusion barrier drastically decreases. For increased electron doping, an abrupt transition to a planar conformation at a carrier density of −8 × 1013 e/cm2 is observed. These calculations imply that the shape and mobility of adsorbed COT molecules can be controlled by externally gating graphene devices.