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Simple Synthesis of 2-Amino-N'-(9H-Fluoren-9-Ylidene)-Hexahydroquinoline-3-Carbohydrazide Derivatives

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posted on 07.09.2021, 18:20 by Marzieh Parhizkari, Mohammad Bayat, Fahimeh Sadat Hosseini

This work represents a simple and efficient synthesis of novel 2-amino-N'-(9H-fluoren-9-ylidene)-hexahydroquinoline-3-carbohydrazide derivatives via the multi-component reaction of diverse anilines, dimedone, 9-fluorenone, cyanoacetohydrazide, and aromatic aldehydes in the presence of piperidine as a catalyst. The proposed approach has some advantages as good yields, green medium, short reaction times, simple work-up, and purification process with no chromatographic technique compared with other methods.

Supplemental data for this article is available online at at the publisher’s website.