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Si–N Heterodehydrocoupling with a Lanthanide Compound

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journal contribution
posted on 07.08.2018, 13:43 by Michael P. Cibuzar, Rory Waterman
[La­{N­(SiMe3)2}3THF2] (1) is an effective precatalyst for the heterodehydrocoupling of silanes and amines. Coupling of primary and secondary amines with aryl silanes was achieved with a loading of 0.8 mol % of [La­{N­(SiMe3)2}3THF2]. With primary amines, generation of tertiary and sometimes quaternary silamines was facile, often requiring only a few hours to reach completion, including new silamines Ph3Si­(nPrNH) and Ph3Si­(iPrNH). Secondary amines were also available for heterodehydrocoupling, though they generally required longer reaction times and, in some instances, higher reaction temperatures. This work expands upon the utility of f-block complexes in heterodehydrocoupling catalysis.