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Shape-Selective Fabrication of Zinc Phosphate Hexagonal Bipyramids via a Disodium Phosphate-Assisted Sonochemical Route

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posted on 05.08.2009, 00:00 by Seung-Ho Jung, Eugene Oh, Hanna Lim, Dae-Seob Shim, Seungho Cho, Kun-Hong Lee, Soo-Hwan Jeong
Via a simple and facile disodium phosphate-assisted sonochemical route, highly uniform zinc phosphate hexagonal bipyramid crystals were selectively synthesized under ambient conditions. All the facets of hexagonal bipyramids are smooth. The average size (from pole to pole) and the standard deviation were 1.437 μm and 562 nm, respectively. The concentration of HPO42− in the aqueous precursor solution is thought to be a key factor in getting hexagonal bipyramidal morphology. This method is simple, fast, economical, and environmentally benign. It is expected that this sonochemical technique can be readily adopted in realizing other forms of various micro/nanostructured materials.