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Self, memory, and imagining the future in a case of psychogenic amnesia

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posted on 2015-10-08, 10:56 authored by Clare J. Rathbone, Judi A. Ellis, Ian Baker, Chris R. Butler

We report a case of psychogenic amnesia and examine the relationships between autobiographical memory impairment, the self, and ability to imagine the future. Case study JH, a 60-year-old male, experienced a 6-year period of pervasive psychogenic amnesia covering all life events from childhood to the age of 53. JH was tested during his amnesic period and again following hypnotherapy and the recovery of his memories. JH’s amnesia corresponded with deficits in self-knowledge and imagining the future. Results are discussed with reference to models of self and memory and processes involving remembering and imagining.


This work was supported by the Economic and Social Research Council [grant number ES/K000918/1]; the Medical Research Council [grant number MR/K010395/1].