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posted on 2017-11-24, 18:41 authored by LUCAS GONÇALVES DA SILVA
The exercise of citizenship, strengthened through the Principle of Popular Participation, is defined as the right and duty of all citizens. As a corollary of the conception of the Democratic State of Law, it is sought to analyze the institutes that found social control, with the main aspect being to show how the Public Power can encourage this practice and the involvement of society. It is perceived that there is a process still under construction as to the power that is established both within society and the State, being also related to the conditions of participation and the diversity of actors that represent different interests regarding access to information and Control of public management. Thus, it is required, from the government agencies, special attention, in response to this process, regarding the incentive and expansion of social control, since it is necessary to implement actions aimed at the democratization of public policies. The present study, therefore, aims at research on social participation, highlighting the importance of the institute of transparency in Brazilian public management, for the effectiveness of the democratic-citizen instrument of social control.