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Reversible Surface Dual-Pattern with Simultaneously Dynamic Wrinkled Topography and Fluorescence

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posted on 16.04.2018, 17:55 by Mingxuan Xie, Fugui Xu, Luzhi Zhang, Jie Yin, Xuesong Jiang
The reversible surface patterns with fluorescence and topography can possibly enable information recording and reading and provide an important alternative to realize the higher information security. We demonstrated a reversible dual-pattern with simultaneously responsive fluorescence and topography using an anthracene (AN) and naphthalene diimide (NDI) containing copolymer (PAN-NDI-BA) as the skin layer, in which the reversible photodimerization of AN can simultaneously control the cross-linking and CT interaction between AN and NDI. Upon irradiation with UV light and thermal treatment, the resulting pattern assumes a reversible change between smooth and wrinkled states, and its fluorescence changes reversibly from red to white to blue-green. The smart surfaces with dynamic hierarchical wrinkles and fluorescence were achieved by selective irradiation with photomasks and can be employed for potential applications in smart displays and anticounterfeiting.