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Residue Analysis and Risk Assessment of Oxathiapiprolin and Its Metabolites in Cucumbers under Field Conditions

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posted on 06.11.2019, 20:42 by Wenzhuo Wang, Peipei Teng, Fengmao Liu, Tingting Fan, Qingrong Peng, Zongyi Wang, Tongyao Hou
In this study, a rapid, sensitive, and selective method was established for the detection of oxathiapiprolin and the metabolite IN-E8S72, as well as its glucose conjugate IN-SXS67 in cucumber using modified QuEChERS procedure combined with HPLC–MS/MS. The LOQs for all compounds were 0.02 mg kg–1, and the average recoveries were 77.4–111.3% with RSDs of 1.0–8.5%. Under the optimized conditions, the established method was successfully used to determine field samples in dissipation and terminal residue studies. The dissipation study results showed that oxathiapiprolin dissipated rapidly in cucumber with half-lives of 2.4–4.0 days. On the basis of the terminal residue results, the risk assessment was conducted, and both the international estimated daily intake (IEDI) or national estimated daily intake (NEDI) of oxathiapiprolin were much less than 100% which indicate a low health risk to consumers. This work provides guidance for establishing MRL of oxathiapiprolin in China and is of great significance for evaluating its dietary risk in cucumber.