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Request for Community partnership in data resource licensing planning

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posted on 04.05.2017, 18:15 authored by Melissa HaendelMelissa Haendel, Chris Mungall, Andrew SuAndrew Su, Peter Robinson, Chris Chute, Russ B Altman, Philip R.O. Payne, Mark Lawler, Tudor I. Oprea, John Willbanks, Subha Srinivasan, Lawrence Hunter, Ida Sim, Sean McDonald, Sean Mooney, Damian Smedley, Emma Ganley, Amye Kenall, Timothy Clark, Carole Goble, Michel DumontierMichel Dumontier, Kristi HolmesKristi Holmes, Mark Diekans, Adrienne Zell, Casey TaylorCasey Taylor, Gustavo Glusman, Leigh Carmody, Guoqian Jiang, Monica Munos-Torres, Maureen Hoatlin, Jeremy Goecks, Victor Jongeneel, Joshua Bittker, Jean-Philippe Gourdine, Matthew H. Brush, Richard L. Zhu, Lara Mangravite, Brett Tyler, Mark D Wilkinson, Michael R. CrusoeMichael R. Crusoe, Raja Mazumder, Nicholas P. Tatonetti, Peter D'Eustachio, Nicole VasilevskyNicole Vasilevsky, Julie McMurryJulie McMurry, Robin ChampieuxRobin Champieux

We write an open letter to the NIH Data Research Council to initiate a dialog regarding NIH decisions on data use agreements and licenses. We are members of NIH-funded research groups that collect and/or integrate biomedical data from diverse sources for the purpose of advancing diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection, and mechanistic discovery.

We welcome additional signatories here:


  • The current diversity of data use agreements and licenses significantly hampers the ability to reuse and redistribute data in various informatics contexts.

  • We believe that any mandatory data licensing policy must also include a plan for ensuring access, sustainability, and data quality.

  • We request community partnership with NIH to develop common licensing and data reuse plans.


R24-OD011883; OT3-TR002019; 3U54CA189205; U54GM114838