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Replacing d‑Glucosamine with Its l‑Enantiomer in Glycosylated Antitumor Ether Lipids (GAELs) Retains Cytotoxic Effects against Epithelial Cancer Cells and Cancer Stem Cells

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posted on 2017-02-08, 00:00 authored by Makanjuola Ogunsina, Pranati Samadder, Temilolu Idowu, Gilbert Arthur, Frank Schweizer
We describe metabolically inert l-glucosamine-based glycosylated antitumor ether lipids (L-GAELs) that retain the cytotoxic effects of the D-GAELs including the ability to kill BT-474 breast cancer stem cells (CSCs). When compared to adriamycin, cisplatin, and the anti-CSC agent salinomycin, L-GAELs display superior activity to kill cancer stem cells (CSCs). Mode of action studies indicate that L-GAELs like the D-GAELs kill cells via an apoptosis-independent mechanism that was not due to membranolytic effects.