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Remarkably High Asymmetric Amplification in the Chiral Lanthanide Complex-Catalyzed Hetero-Diels−Alder Reaction:  First Example of the Nonlinear Effect in ML3 System

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posted on 14.12.1999, 00:00 authored by Hiroshi Furuno, Takeshi Hanamoto, Yuichi Sugimoto, Junji Inanaga
A remarkably high asymmetric amplification was realized in the Yb[(R)-BNP]3-catalyzed hetero-Diels−Alder reaction as the first example in the metal/chiral ligand 1:3 system. The mechanism may be explained by the autogenetic formation of the enantiopure complex as the most active catalyst. The enantiomer-discriminative formation of homochiral ML3 complexes is quite general within the lanthanide metal ions with similar ionic radii to that of the ytterbium ion.