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Regioselective Synthesis of Isochromenones by Iron(III)/PhSeSePh-Mediated Cyclization of 2-Alkynylaryl Esters

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posted on 19.08.2011, 00:00 by Adriane Sperança, Benhur Godoi, Simone Pinton, Davi F. Back, Paulo H. Menezes, Gilson Zeni
A series of 4-Se-(Te, S)-isochromenones and 3-substituted isochromenones were synthesized in good yields via FeCl3-mediated cyclization of alkynylaryl esters with different diorganyl dichalcogenides. This methodology was carried out at room temperature, using inexpensive and environmentally friendly iron salts as metallic source and under air atmosphere. The reaction showed to be tolerant to a range of substituents bonded into the aromatic ring of the diorganyl dichalcogenides as well as to alkyl groups directly bonded to the chalcogen atom. Alternatively, the cyclization reaction of 2-alkynylaryl esters with FeCl3, in the absence of diorganyl dichalcogenide, gave the isochromenones without the chalcogen moiety in the structure. This approach proved to be highly regioselective, providing only six-membered ring products, once the possible five-membered products were not observed in any experiments.