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Rapid Coating Process Generates Omniphobic Dentures in Minutes to Reduce C. albicans Biofouling

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posted on 2018-12-27, 18:42 authored by Anna Waterhouse, Daniel C. Leslie, Kayla Lightbown, Daniel Antonoff, Shanda Lightbown, Nikolaos Dimitrakakis, Julia B. Hicks-Berthet, Cheyene N. Leslie, Michael Super, Donald E. Ingber, Marc B. Ackerman
Localized infections caused by biofilm formation on dentures pose a serious health risk for patients, especially the elderly, as they can lead to complications such as pneumonia. Daily enzymatic denture cleaners do not fully prevent biofilm formation on dentures. Here we developed a rapid coating process to apply a liquid repellent surface to dentures in ∼5 min and demonstrated a significant 225-fold reduction of Candida albicans adhesion over 6 days, compared to uncoated dentures. This rapid coating process could be applied to dentures and other dental devices chair-side and allow the research community to quickly and easily generate ominphobic surfaces.