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RTD2015 21 Encouraging ‘young digital citizenship’ through co-designed, hybrid digi-tools

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posted on 11.04.2019, 08:00 authored by RTD ConferenceRTD Conference, Nick Gant, Kelly Duggan, Tanya Dean, Josh Barnes

This paper presents findings of a case study, co- design and constructive design research project which explores hybrid digital / physical methods and tools to engage young people in the design and planning of their neighbour- hood. This sits within the context of radical changes in the National Plan- ning Policy Framework (NPPF 2011) and Localism Bill (DCLG 2011), which demand new levels of democratic participation in local decision-making and the collaborative design of place. It also tends to issues and theories of how communities (civic and academic) consider the use of digital / physical objects and processes in helping to cure the disengagement of youth in the local politic and developmental decision-making (Bachen, Raphael, Lynn, McKee & Philippi 2008, 2010 and Carpini 2000, Gant & Duggan 2013).

The project explores the co-designing and making of hybrid digital / physical engagement and communication devices resulting in a ‘community techno-tapestry’. The case study demonstrates the communication value of physical digi-tools when seeking to both engage young people in envisioning their future neighbourhood and in mediating their ‘shared vision’ to the community and stakeholders.



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