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Proposal NumPy & OpenBLAS for Chan Zuckerberg Initiative EOSS 2019 round 1

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posted on 14.11.2019, 22:56 by Ralf Gommers
This grant proposal was submitted to round 1 of the Essential Open Source Software for Science program from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. The proposed work consists of governance & community building, website development and high-level documentation activities for NumPy, and technical work on OpenBLAS.

The proposal was funded at 80% of the original budget, which we're very excited about!

The proposal document is the one we submitted - as a result of the 20% gap between proposed and received funding we have descoped a couple of deliverables:

- changed 5 beginner-friendly tutorials to 3.
- removed "Graphical navigation guides per chapter/topic in the reference guide"
- removed stretch deliverables:
1. A NumPy Enhancement Proposal on removal of numpy.matrix (including how to handle the transition for scipy.sparse, as the key module relying on matrix).
2. An advanced tutorial on extending NumPy, via subclassing and via array duck typing.

For more details, see:

- RFA:
- blog post from the program managers:
- press release from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: