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Programmed Coassembly of One-Dimensional Binary Superstructures by Liquid Soft Confinement

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posted on 2017-12-19, 00:00 authored by Dan Guo, Yanan Li, Xu Zheng, Fengyu Li, Shuoran Chen, Mingzhu Li, Qiang Yang, Huizeng Li, Yanlin Song
Precise control of particles co-assembly has attracted great attention for fabricating intricate structures and functional materials. However, achieving precise co-assembly of one-dimensional (1D) binary superstructures remains challenging due to the constrained thermodynamic stability and lack of general strategies to control the 1D ordered arrangement of mixed particles. Here, we propose a facile strategy to achieve programmed co-assembly of 1D binary superstructures by liquid soft confinement without particle modification or external field. It reveals that binary particles undergo stepwise confinement and programmed co-assembly in the gradually shrinking and spatially tunable liquid soft confinement. Through tuning the liquid confined space and particles composition, diverse 1D binary superstructures with precisely controlled periodicity, orientation and symmetry are achieved, which shows generality for various particles of different sizes and materials. This work provides a promising route to refined patterning and manufacturing complex materials.