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Profiling of the essential oil compositions from the flowers and leaves of Tanacetum fisherae Aitch. & Hemsl., an endemic plant in Kerman province, Iran

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journal contribution
posted on 12.05.2021, 12:00 by Majid Mohammadhosseini, Alessandro Venditti, Behnam Mahdavi, Mohammad Reza Kianasab, Reyhaneh Shirazi

Tanacetum fisherae Aitch. & Hemsl. is an endemic plant growing wild in some brackish regions of Iran. Since there are not enough reports concerning the quantitative and qualitative analyses of its essential oil, it was decided to characterise the respective water-distilled oils obtained from the flowers and leaves of this medicinal plant. Characterisation of the corresponding essential oil profiles revealed that in both of the analysed oils, oxygenated monoterpenes constituted most of the chemical profiles. In this sense, the most prevailing natural compounds in the flower oils were cis-p-2-menthen-1-ol (11.2%), trans-p-2-menthen-1-ol (10.7%), trans-piperitol (7.8%), 1,8-cineole (6.1%), cis-piperitol (3.8%), α-terpineol (3.7%) and terpinene-4-ol (2.1%), whereas the main constituent components of the leaves oils were, respectively, 1,8-cineole (16.7%), cis-p-2-menthen-1-ol (14.6%), trans-p-2-menthen-1-ol (10.4%), trans-piperitol (12.8%), α-terpineol (5.4%), cis-piperitol (2.9%), borneol (2.7%), and terpinene-4-ol (2.1%). In addition, the second rank of natural compound constituting groups was due to oxygenated sesquiterpenes, as well.