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Problem of Brief Interaction of Liquid and Amorphous Bodies

journal contribution
posted on 2021-05-02, 21:56 authored by Dmitry SimankovDmitry Simankov
The author has proposed a model of brief interaction of liquid and amorphous bodies with boundary conditions of the third kind in the amorphous body without a convective mass flux. Consideration has been given to the thermophysical aspect of formation of the temperature sensation of a biomedical object (BMO) on contact with the liquid body with a different temperature. The procedure of short measurements in the stage of irregular thermal regime (pulse method) was applied to investigation of thermal activity of various anatomical sections of the BMO skin as a function of its temperature. It has been shown experimentally that thermal activity grows with temperature and is within 640–1800 J/(m2·K·s0.5). The total relative error of the method of thermal-activity measurements amounted to ~5%. It has been proposed that analytical calculation of the surface temperature of the BMO on contact be modeled as a combination of the temperatures in liquid and solid media by using the criterion of moisture-content percentage in the BMO.