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Priorities for infectious disease research in Ghana and Kenya

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posted on 2019-03-06, 17:44 authored by Edem M. A. Tette, Ferdinand Okwaro

Topical issues of public health importance were discussed at a round-table workshop, funded by the University of Southampton, UK. The workshop took place in Accra from 14-15 August 2018 with a focus on infectious disease research priorities for Ghana and Kenya.

This workshop brought together colleagues from a wide range of health disciplines and institutions from across Ghana, Kenya and the UK. Apart from identifying and discussing the priorities for research in infectious diseases, the workshop was intended to improve collaboration between the global south and global north, as well as promote African-led priority-setting and defining of health needs.

Attendees included Ghanaian-based stakeholders from academia, the Ghana Health Service (GHS), policy and advocacy groups. The others were four participants in academia from the University of Southampton, UK, and four invited colleagues from Kenya with expertise including health policy, translation of research evidence into policy and health research. The topics were discussed in themed sessions - antimicrobial resistance, maternal and child health, digital health, research during public health emergencies, and translating research evidence into policy.

At the end of every session, specific research questions and topics were produced for consideration as research and policy priorities in Ghana and Kenya.


University of Southampton