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journal contribution
posted on 2018-02-27, 17:14 authored by Gabriele LaudadioGabriele Laudadio, Timothy Noel
A practical and environmentally benign electrochemical oxidation of thioethers and thiols in a commercially-
available continuous-flow microreactor is presented. Water is used as the source of oxygen to
enable the oxidation process. The oxidation reaction utilizes the same reagents in all scenarios and the
selectivity is solely governed by the applied potential. The procedure exhibits a broad scope and good
functional group compatibility providing access to various sulfoxides (15 examples), sulfones (15 examples)
and disulfides (6 examples). The use of continuous flow allows the optimal reaction parameters (e.g. residence
time, applied voltage) to be rapidly assessed, to avoid mass- and heat-transfer limitations and to
scale the electrochemistry.


Financial support is provided by the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO) via a VIDI grant for T. N. (Grant No. 14150)