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Polymer Framework with Continuous Pores for Hydrogen Getters: Molding and a Boost in Getter Rate

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posted on 02.07.2020, 21:43 by Hui Dong, Yingying Wang, Hao Fu, Minheng Ye, Guangping Tang, Jinlong Pan, Xianping Xia
The hydrogen getter consisting of 1,4-bis­[phenylethynyl]­benzene (DEB) and a carbon-supported palladium catalyst (Pd/C) is limited by its powder forms in practical application. Development of the molded DEB-Pd/C is thus highly demanded. To solve the contradiction between molding and hydrogen-getter rate, herein, we prepared a porous polymer matrix composite for DEB-Pd/C by a facile one-phase removal method of their cocontinuous polymer matrices. Such a porous composite exhibits excellent hydrogen-getter activities. More interestingly, under low hydrogen partial pressure, the porous composite had a faster getter rate than that of powder getters. The significantly enhanced activity is attributed to the confinement effects of the continuous pore structure of the polymer frameworks, which further indicates its promise as a highly active and flexible supporting framework for hydrogen absorption or other gas–solid reactions.