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Phosphorescent Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) Complexes with AzatetrabenzoporphyrinsNew Red Laser Diode-Compatible Indicators for Optical Oxygen Sensing

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journal contribution
posted on 16.12.2015, 16:18 by Sergey M. Borisov, Gunter Zenkl, Ingo Klimant
A new class of oxygen indicators is described. Platinum(II) and palladium(II) complexes of azatetrabenzoporphyrins occupy an intermediate position between tetrabenzoporphyrins and phthalocyanines and combine features of both. The new dyes are excitable in the red part of the spectrum and possess strong room-temperature NIR phosphorescence. Other features include excellent spectral compatibility with the red laser diodes and 632.8 nm line of He−Ne laser, excellent photostability, and significantly shorter decay times than for the respective meso-tetraphenyltetrabenzoporphyrins. Applicability of the complexes for optical oxygen sensing is demonstrated.