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Passivity-based non-fragile control for Markovian jump delayed systems via stochastic sampling

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posted on 2017-09-06, 11:29 authored by Jiaojiao Ren, Xinzhi Liu, Hong Zhu, Shouming Zhong

This paper studies the problem of non-fragile passive control for Markovian jump delayed systems via stochastic sampling. The Markovian jumping parameters, appearing in the connection weight matrices and in two additive time-varying delay components, are considered to be different. The controller is assumed to have either additive or multiplicative norm-bounded uncertainties. The sampled-data with stochastic sampling is used to design the controller by a discontinuous Lyapunov functional. This functional fully utilises the sawtooth structure characteristics of the sampling input delay. By using the matrix decomposition method and some newly inequalities, sufficient conditions are obtained to guarantee that for all admissible uncertainties the system is robustly stochastically passive. Illustrative examples are provided to show the effectiveness of the results.


This work was supported by a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC); National Natural Science Foundation of China [grant number 61273015]; NSERC Canada.