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Paradise found? Depiction of Dante, Beatrice and other allegoric images of Dante’s Paradiso in the Voynich Manuscript

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posted on 11.01.2015, 14:50 by Juergen WastlJuergen Wastl

Here I suggest that a block of images in the Voynich Manuscript, Beinecke MS 408, are all illustrations of Dante’s Paradiso. Particularly, I discuss in detail the beginning of the ascent (canto 1f) and the first four heavens and close with the Primum Mobile (canto 30f). Remaining heavens within Dante’s ascent are affiliated with images from the Voynich manuscript to suggest a near complete set of illustrations on Dante's Paradiso.

I close with comments on the relationship of text and imagery - Canto or Commentary?- and potential starting points for text analysis e.g. souls, saints and stars.


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