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P‑Protected Diphosphadibenzo[a,e]pentalenes and Their Mono- and Dicationic P‑Bridged Ladder Stilbenes

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posted on 21.03.2019, 00:00 by Patrick Federmann, Hannah K. Wagner, Patrick W. Antoni, Jean-Marc Mörsdorf, José Luis Pérez Lustres, Hubert Wadepohl, Marcus Motzkus, Joachim Ballmann
The previously elusive diphosphadibenzo­[a,e]­pentalene core skeleton was assembled via a surprisingly straightforward cyclization pathway starting from R2P-substituted 2,2′-diphosphinotolanes (R = Ph, iPr). The resulting P-protected diylidic compounds 4 (R = Ph, iPr) were converted to the corresponding P-bridged ladder stilbenes via two consecutive oxidation steps: upon selective one-electron oxidation, the persistent radical monocations 5 (R = Ph, iPr) were obtained and further oxidized to afford the respective fluorescent and air-stable dications 6 (R = Ph, iPr).