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Organization Identifier Project: Request for Information

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posted on 2017-09-30, 07:34 authored by Haak Laurel, Edward PentzEdward Pentz, Patricia CrusePatricia Cruse, John ChodackiJohn Chodacki
The Organization Identifier Working Group has defined recommendations and principles for an open, independent organization identifier registry, including using open data to seed the registry, independent governance structure, a start-up phase inside a non-profit host organization providing technical development, operations and other support, and capabilities for organizations to manage their own record. This RFI is intended to solicit comment and interest from the broader research community in developing for, and approach to being a host organization, providing resources to the Registry, and/or providing source data. In addition, we welcome advice, suggestions, and feedback on creating a sustainable business model for each phase of the Registry’s development. Responses are requested by 15 November 2017.