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Organic-Vapor-Induced Repeatable Entrance and Exit of C60 into/from Single-Wall Carbon Nanohorns at Room Temperature

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posted on 12.07.2007, 00:00 by Jin Miyawaki, Masako Yudasaka, Ryota Yuge, Sumio Iijima
We found that ethanol vapor forced C60 encapsulated inside single-wall carbon nanohorns (SWNHs) to exit from SWNHs at room temperature, and in reverse, toluene vapor forced the ejected C60 to re-enter. Interestingly, these entrance and exit behaviors were repeatable. Thermogravimetric analyses suggested C60−toluene pseudosolvate formation in internal hollow nanospaces of SWNHs. We consider the mechanism of the back-and-forth transportations; the coincorporated toluene lured C60 from inside to outside SWNHs through adsorbed layers of ethanol formed on the SWNH surfaces. In the re-entrance, the toluene-adsorbed layer mediated transportation of C60 from outside to the most stable sites, that is, inside SWNHs.