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Novel Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Non-Fullerene Acceptors for Organic PhotovoltaicCells: Different End-Capping Groups Leading to a Big Difference of Power Conversion Efficiencies

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posted on 09.03.2020, 18:53 by Guanghao Li, Chunyu Xu, Zhenghui Luo, Weimin Ning, Xiaohui Liu, Shaolong Gong, Yang Zou, Fujun Zhang, Chuluo Yang
Novel cores for high performance nonfullerene acceptors (NFAs) remain to be developed. In this work, two new n-type nitrogen-containing organic heterocyclic NFAs, namely, BDTN-BF and BDTN-Th, were designed and synthesized based on a new seven fused-ring core (BDTN) with two different end-capping groups. As a result, BDTN-BF possessed similar absorption spectra in solution and solid state to BDTN-Th, but a slightly higher maximum molar extinction coefficient. Manufacturing the polymer solar cells with PM6 as the donor, the photovoltaic performance of BDTN-BF and BDTN-Th was investigated. The PM6:BDTN-BF-based device achieved the highest power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 11.54% with a high Jsc of 20.20 mA cm–2, a fill factor (FF) of 61.46%, and a large Voc of 0.93 V, and the energy loss (Eloss) was calculated to be 0.48 eV. Comparatively, the PM6:BDTN-Th-based device achieved the maximum PCE value of only 3.53% because of inadequate Jsc and FF. The higher Jsc and FF for the PM6:BDTN-BF-based device was mainly due to the effective electron transfer from PM6 to BDTN-BF, more balanced μhe, higher electron mobility of the neat film, better charge collection and dissociation efficiency, and more favorable morphology. These results demonstrate that the acceptors with nearly identical absorption spectra could result in a significant difference in photovoltaic performance, which stress the importance of end-capping units. Furthermore, few NFA-based devices achieve large Voc and high Jsc simultaneously as one based on PM6:BDTN-BF, indicating that nitrogen hybridization of NFAs may be an efficient strategy to realize high and balanced Voc and Jsc.