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New Two-Dimensional Niobium and Vanadium Carbides as Promising Materials for Li-Ion Batteries

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posted on 30.10.2013, 00:00 authored by Michael Naguib, Joseph Halim, Jun Lu, Kevin M. Cook, Lars Hultman, Yury Gogotsi, Michel W. Barsoum
New two-dimensional niobium and vanadium carbides have been synthesized by selective etching, at room temperature, of Al from Nb2AlC and V2AlC, respectively. These new matrials are promising electrode materials for Li-ion batteries, demonstrating good capability to handle high charge–discharge rates. Reversible capacities of 170 and 260 mA·h·g–1 at 1 C, and 110 and 125 mA·h·g–1 at 10 C were obtained for Nb2C and V2C-based electrodes, respectively.