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Nanopore sequencing metrics.

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posted on 2021-06-30, 17:24 authored by Sarah Stahl-Rommel, David Li, Michelle Sung, Rebecca Li, Aarthi Vijayakumar, Kutay Deniz Atabay, G. Guy Bushkin, Christian L. Castro, Kevin D. Foley, D. Scott Copeland, Sarah L. Castro-Wallace, Ezequiel Alvarez Saavedra, Emily J. Gleason, Sebastian Kraves

Includes total read count, demultiplexed read distribution, read length, and median alignment identity. A total of four nanopore sequencing runs were completed: pooled red colonies from flight, pooled white colonies from flight, pooled red colonies from ground, and pooled white colonies from ground. Reads were basecalled using Guppy and demultiplexed using Qcat. Read length determined with Samtools and Median Alignment Identity calculated from minimap2 alignments and Marginstats of red colonies to ade2 repair template reference and white colonies to ADE2 wild type reference.