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Multifunctional Cellulose Nanopaper with Superior Water-Resistant, Conductive, and Antibacterial Properties Functionalized with Chitosan and Polypyrrole

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posted on 2021-06-29, 16:35 authored by Haishun Du, Mahesh Parit, Kun Liu, Miaomiao Zhang, Zhihua Jiang, Tung-Shi Huang, Xinyu Zhang, Chuanling Si
Cellulose nanopaper (CNP) has been considered as a promising material with great application potential in diverse fields. However, the hydrophilic nature of CNP significantly limits its practical application. In order to improve its water resistance, we demonstrate a facile approach to functionalize CNP by impregnating it with chitosan (CS), followed by in situ polymerization of polypyrrole (PPy). The results indicate that the obtained CNP/CS/PPy shows excellent water resistance with the wet tensile strength of up to 80 MPa, which is more than 10 times higher than that of the pure CNP. Intriguingly, new features (e.g., electrical conductivity, antibacterial activity, and so forth) are achieved at the same time. The functionalized CNP/CS/PPy shows a high conductivity of 6.5 S cm–1, which can be used for electromagnetic interference shielding applications with a high shielding performance of around 18 dB. In addition, the CNP/CS/PPy exhibits good antibacterial activity toward Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, with the bacterial reductions of 99.28 and 95.59%, respectively. Thus, this work provides a simple and versatile approach to functionalize CNP for achieving multifunctional properties.