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Modification-Free Fabricating Ratiometric Nanoprobe Based on Dual-Emissive Carbon Dots for Nitrite Determination in Food Samples

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posted on 08.03.2019, 00:00 by Juanjuan Liu, Yonglei Chen, Lili Wang, Min Na, Hongli Chen, Xingguo Chen
Great challenges still exist for facilely fabricating ratiometric fluorescent nanoprobes. Fortunately, the appearance of dual-emissive carbon dots (CDs) offers a glimmer of hope for the fabrication of modification-free ratiometric nanoprobe. The chemical and electronic structure characteristics of the dual-emissive CDs might be modulated by conjugated structures of carbon sources and the doped nitrogen and sulfur atoms, and the surface state also contributed to the fluorescence properties via surface functional groups. Herein, we report a one-pot strategy for simultaneous preparation of two kinds of CDs named RYDE CDs and RODE CDs, showing dual-emissive fluorescent peaks with long wavelength by 2,3-diaminobenzoic acid hydrochloride for the first time. Notably, trace nitrite determination with high sensitivity and selectivity was realized for the first time based on the modification-free ratiometric fluorescent nanoprobe fabricated rapidly and directly by the as-prepared RYDE CDs at constant room temperature (20 °C). Under the optimal conditions, the limit of detection for nitrite was 31.61 nM, with a wide concentration linear range of 0.1–100 μM. Furthermore, this ratiometric nanoprobe was successfully applied for nitrite analysis in bacon, sausage, pickle, and milk samples. Additionally, the nanoprobe was also capable of visually monitoring temperature fluctuations and cell imaging.