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Methodical features dispensing exercise, used in extracurricular activities to improve health students

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posted on 23.03.2014, 14:25 by Tatiana SerorezTatiana Serorez, Navka P.I.

Purpose: to investigate theoretically substantiate experimentally verify technology aimed at improving the process of university students in extracurricular athletics. Material: the study involved 413 male students aged 21-23 years. Efficiency of impact studies using cross-country loads of aerobic and anaerobic focus on the physical health of men first mature age. Results: systematized and generalized materials literature. Developed programs for extracurricular classes jogging The level of aerobic and anaerobic productivity men first mature age. Experimentally substantiated health technologies for university students through the use of cross-country loads. The efficiency depends on the training mode and the energy consumption of energy. Conclusions: confirmed that aerobic and anaerobic capacity of the organism male students first mature age do not meet a certain level. These abilities require correction. This correction is more effective due to the development and implementation of health technologies, based on the use of extracurricular activities running exercises.


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