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Metabolite profiling and in-vitro colon cancer protective activity of Cycas revoluta cone extract

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posted on 2018-11-10, 09:49 authored by Samit Bera, Bhaskar Das, Arnab De, Atish Barua, Susmita Das, Bratati De, Amalesh Samanta

The methanolic extract of Cycas revoluta cone (MECR) was analyzed by GC-MS and UHPLC for metabolite profiling and was evaluated for anti-colon cancer property by using in vitro assays like Cell Viability Assay, Colony Formation Assay, ROS Determination, Flowcytometry, DAPI staining assay, Tunel assay. GC-MS and HPLC analysis confirmed the presence of different phytochemicals in the extract of Cycas revoluta cone. In-vitro studies showed MECR extract showed significant anti-colon cancer activity by reducing proliferation and inducing apoptosis in colon cancer cell (HCT-8) line, but no such activity was seen in normal colon cell (CCD-18Co) line. The investigation confirms that MECR may be a promising candidate in colon cancer protection.