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Manipulating the twist sense of helical nanofilaments of bent-core liquid crystals using rod-shaped, chiral mesogenic dopants

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posted on 18.05.2016, 11:07 authored by Michael R. Tuchband, Dong Chen, Balazs Horanyi, Min Shuai, Yongqiang Shen, Eva Korblova, David M. Walba, Nadia Kapernaum, Frank Giesselmann, Matthew A. Glaser, Joseph E. Maclennan, Noel A. Clark

In some liquid crystal (LC) mixtures of bent-core host molecules that form helical nanofilaments (HNFs) and chiral, rod-shaped molecular guests, the spontaneous chirality of the HNFs is not influenced by the guest handedness. In other mixtures, the filaments become homochiral, responding to the handedness of the guest. We show that the important distinction between these two behaviours is the solubility of the guest material in the HNF phase. In our experiments, chiral LC mesogens doped into the HNF phase result in an enantiomeric imbalance and sometimes change the phase sequence on cooling from the isotropic melt.