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Makers Marks: Glass in Translation

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posted on 2019-04-11, 08:00 authored by RTD ConferenceRTD Conference, Lisa Naas
Metaphorical language uses association and combination of concepts to aid in human understanding of the new and unfamiliar.  This is often true for artists’ articulation of original work developed through creative processes.  “Glass in Translation” brings together artists/designers working in the craft medium of glass with composers/sound designers focused on digital technologies.  Examining our creative processes, we question the nature of glass and its characteristics through dialogue between media and conversation between the artists.  Musicians sometimes use visual language to describe sounds in colour, texture, shape, and weight.  The project exploits this metaphorical language of the visual in the aural, through creation of new works in sound and glass, based on sounds of glassmaking itself.  The project premise was to extract sounds of glassmaking to isolate them for examination and manipulation, and then to put these sounds back into glass forms.  “Glass in Translation” speaks to the Research Through Design 2017 themes “Material: Fluidity in Knowledge”, as we question where the knowledge of glass is in the process, and “Finishing: States of Completion”, as we reverse our process, incorporating the sound back into glass.  The project process, outcomes, and reflections suggest that metaphor is a useful tool for interdisciplinary collaboration.


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