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Magnetic Colloidosomes Derived from Nanoparticle Interfacial Self-Assembly

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posted on 2005-05-11, 00:00 authored by Hongwei Duan, Dayang Wang, Nelli S. Sobal, Michael Giersig, Dirk G. Kurth, Helmuth Möhwald
Based on the interfacial self-assembly of magnetite nanoparticles, we demonstrate the formation of colloidosomes with shells predominantly composed of monolayers of liquid-like, close-packed nanoparticles. The gelation of aqueous phase with agarose leads to robust and water-dispersible nanoparticle colloidosomes, allowing encapsulation of various water soluble materials. The cutoff of the nanoparticle colloidosomes obtained is primarily defined by the nanoparticle size. This controllable permeability should be of great importance for the encapsulation application.